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Adolescent Residential

Should you have any questions regarding the program or a specific referral, please contact:

Laura Buttrey
(864) 371-1265

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If you have trouble using the submit link on the referral form, please save the form and email as an attachment to LButtrey@phoenixcenter.org

Our Adolescent Residential program known as the White Horse Academy is a 16-bed residential treatment program for adolescent males and females ages 13-17 who are struggling with problems related to substance abuse. Services are primarily focused on those with a dependence diagnosis, but all cases are considered on an individual basis. Each referral undergoes an individual psycho-social assessment in order to insure that the adolescent is placed in the most appropriate level of care.  Certified Addiction Counselors with special training in adolescent care, Registered Nurses and a Licensed Child Psychiatrist all work to help the adolescents progress through their treatment plan, towards recovery and a healthy life.

The Academy's clinical program offers a wide range of counseling and treatment activities and is focused on engaging the adolescent in their own recovery and bringing about positive changes in their lives. In addition to individual and group counseling, treatment experiences include:

  • Education sessions with a certified teacher from Greenville County Schools
  • High and low ropes challenge courses
  • Organic gardening
  • Music and recreational therapies
  • Life skills and anger management
  • Family therapy

Wellness Policy

Adolescent Services are located at the White Horse Academy - 975 Foot Hills Road, Greenville, SC  29617

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