Parents and Teens

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Below are some links to help Parents and Teens find information about substance use and resources.

    Phoenix Center Adolescent Services - At the Phoenix Center, our counselors work with adolescents, ages 12-17, who are involved in risky behaviors, have emotional problems, and/or need help with family problems.

    Why Try-  Why Try is a research-based, multi-session youth program that meets weekly (10 sessions) to enhance internal strengths and resiliency, while preventing youth involvement in substance abuse and other high risk behaviors.

    Tobacco Education - SC TEP is a program offered as an alternative to penalties for students who face suspension for violation of a school tobacco-use policy, young people who break one of the state’s laws regarding underage tobacco use, and/or an adolescent who would like to receive more education on the harmful effects of tobacco.

    Tips for Teens - Tips for Teens includes information specifically designed for teens to teach them about the effects and dangers of HIV/AIDS, Hallucinogens, Tobacco, Alcohol, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Marijuana, and Club Drugs.

    Teen & Parent Tool Kit - Fun ideas for teens, Tools for Parents

    Other Resources: