Tobacco Education

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In August of 2006 the Youth Access to Tobacco Prevention Act went into effect across the state of South Carolina. This act states that is unlawful for a minor under the age of 18 to purchase, possess, or attempt to possess tobacco products and/or to present false proof of age in an attempt to purchase or possess these products.

Did you know that violation of the Youth Access to Tobacco Prevention Act can result in a minimum $106 fine (includes court costs and fees), 5 hours of community service, and completion of a DHEC approved tobacco education or cessation program? Did you also know that an individual’s failure to complete his/her sentence gives the court the option to restrict driving privileges for 90 days or to deny issuance of a driver’s license 90 days past eligibility?

The South Carolina Tobacco Education Program (SC TEP) is a 4-hour program offered as an alternative to penalties for:

  • Students who face suspension for violation of a school tobacco-use policy
  • Young people who break one of the state’s laws regarding underage tobacco use.

The SC Tobacco Education Program (SC TEP) will address:

  • Student or youth tobacco, vaping, and nicotine use
  • Facts and myths about tobacco and nicotine use
  • Effects of tobacco and nicotine use
  • Signs and characteristics of a substance use disorder
  • Healthy alternatives and how to make the change to a non-smoker

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