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For more information on Treatment Services, call (864) 467-3790.

Para informacion y servicios en espanol, por favor llama (864) 467-3310. 

If you need Outpatient Services, but can't come in to the office because of COVID19 concerns, call 864-467-3790 to discuss Telehealth options. 

A substance use disorder is a progressive disease that will get worse if left untreated; however, it can be arrested and delayed. Prevention and intervention allow us to identify a substance use disorder early in the disease process so that we can keep it from getting worse, and our wide range of individualized treatment programs allow us to work with people to help them lead healthy, productive lives.



Treatment Services offered at The Phoenix Center:


       Child & Adolescent

      Each client is provided a unique and personalized treatment plan implemented by a trained and credentialed substance use treatment professional. These professionals are specially trained and equipped to provide the services necessary to help our clients achieve and maintain successful recovery from the disease of a substance use disorder.

      Clients may enter the agency as a self-referral or as a referral from physicians, courts, family members, recovering community, or other agencies/programs. Clients are admitted to treatment based upon their individualized needs as determined through a screening or a bio/psycho/social assessment.

      Women who are pregnant, intravenous drug users will be given priority for admission to all programs.

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