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Adult Outpatient

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Adult Assessments are offered on a walk-in (first come, first serve) basis Monday thru Thursday at 8:15 AM. Pregnant and/or IV users are given priority.

  • During the initial intake, the process can include an intake screening, meeting with a nurse, and/or an assessment with one of our licensed counselors.

  • The process can take up until 3pm depending on which process is being completed.
  • Walk-in assessments are available on a first come first served basis

Para informacion y servicios en espanol, por favor llame (864) 467-3310.

If you need Outpatient Services, but can't come in to the office because of COVID19 concerns, call 864-467-3790 to discuss Telehealth options.

Click here to complete your intake paperwork before your assessment

If you have trouble using the submit link on the form, please save the form and email as an attachment to DJaramillo@phoenixcenter.org and SWyatt@phoenixcenter.org

Please bring the following to your appointment: Photo ID, any medications you are currently taking, and Medicaid and/or Insurance card(s). Plan to stay for 2-3 hours to complete the assessment process.

Outpatient Referral

DSS Referral

The Phoenix Center offers outpatient services during the day and evening hours except Sundays. Our goal is to make treatment services available and convenient for our clients.

Substance abuse is the kind of problem that can quickly become out of control and can negatively affect all aspects of life. The related problems may be physical, emotional, at work or school, or in relationships.

Adult Outpatient Service Treatment Plan

  1. Treatment can begin with a single phone call asking for help. Anyone who comes to the Phoenix Center to receive treatment services begins with a thorough evaluation. This clinical assessment may take more than one visit and is conducted by specifically trained staff.
  2. Information is gathered on the patient's problems, current needs, and strengths. Each case is reviewed with a multi-disciplinary treatment team using nationally accepted criteria such as American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM).
  3. An individualized plan of care is then developed with each client to guide and measure the progress in the recommended services.
  4. Treatment is offered in phases and through several modalities: individual sessions, group counseling, and family sessions, as well as in different intensities, or levels of care. Clients may participate in just one or several levels of care during their treatment experience.
  5. Clients move through treatment at their own rate. Transitions from phases or levels of treatment are determined by the treatment team based on the client's progress and current status.

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