FAQs and Contact Info

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If you have a question for a specific service or department, please see the information below.

FAQs/General Information:

    • How do I get help or set up an appointment?  Reach out to us using one of the numbers listed below for the program you need.  If you are not sure which program you need, call our main number at 864-467-3790.
    • What happens at my first appointment?  At the first appointment, a counselor will provide an assessment and develop an individualized treatment plan and place the individual in the appropriate level of care.
    • How much does your program cost?  Program Cost/Fees vary depending on the level of care and services received.
    • What if I don’t have Insurance?  The Phoenix Center does not turn anyone away based on their ability to pay.  We work with each person to find a payment plan that will work for their situation. 
    • Do you accept Insurance or Medicaid?  We accept Self-pay, Insurance, and Medicaid.  If you have questions about covered services, please reach out to your insurance carrier about your specific plan coverage.
    • Do you have a priority of admission?  Women who are pregnant, intravenous drug users will be given priority for admission to all programs.
    • What substances do you provide Detox services for? We provide Detox Services for Alcohol, Benzos, and Opioids.

    Treatment program contact info:

    • Detoxification & Adult Residential:  864-467-3770
    • Adult Outpatient:  864-467-3737
    • ADSAP (DUI):  864-467-3076
    • Adolescent Outpatient: 864-419-2964
    • Serenity Place (Women’s Residential):  864-467-3751 (main) or 864-467-3881 (admissions)
    • Medication Assisted Treatment:  864-467-3794

    For Billing Questions, please contact:  

    • 864-467-3717 or 864-467-2632

    For Prevention Services, please contact:

    • PREP/TEP Class: 864-467-3065
    • Mobile Unit Scheduling: 864-467-3927
    • Prevention Questions or Schedule a Speaker:  864-467-2744

    For all other departments or questions,