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For more information or to report underage or high risk drinking environments, please call (864) 467-3936.

The Greenville County Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Coalition was established to reduce youth access to alcohol in Greenville County. This Coalition includes representatives from Greenville County Law Enforcement, SC Highway Patrol, Greenville County Schools, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Greenville County Health and Human Service Agencies, and Community Volunteers.

The EUDL Coalition has been successful in the creation of a Multi-jurisdictional Alcohol Enforcement Unit that enforces drinking laws through compliance checks, party patrols, and traffic sobriety checkpoints. The EUDL Coalition works to enhance Greenville County systems that support and maintain consistent underage drinking laws and their enforcement. The EUDL Coalition also strives to create an awareness of the problems caused by underage drinking and the solutions to address these issues in Greenville County.

Reducing youth access to alcohol is recognized as one of the most effective alcohol prevention strategies. The Phoenix Center is proud to work with community partners in Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws in Greenville County.

The EUDL Coalition meets the second Wednesday of each month at The Phoenix Center - 1400 Cleveland Street, Greenville, SC.